A Lazy Saturday

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Start of the weekend but i am already feeling so lazy and tired.
I am getting lazier and lazier to maintain my Blog. haha. Think I had spent too much time in Facebook on Harvesting, looking after my Restaurant, Gaming and online shopping. Haha..

And not forgetting the lined up Programs planned by Hubby, Friends and Colleagues to celebrate my bday. Will post some nice pictures after tonight’s celebration with the HSB gang. We are going to ELLENBOROUGH for buffet dinner, I CRAVE for the durian paste. OMG, the thought of it already make my salivia drips. Yum Yum. =)

To be updated again.


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I had left my “fries” here rotting for the past 3 months. What am i busy with. Oh Gosh.

So many things had happened and i also dunno where to start updating so i had decided to super summarise what i did for the those MIA period.

Honeymoon – Was a eye opener to the European Country and the ppl there (esp. the hangover custom officer on duty and the idiot super responsible irritating cutom officer who actually make me re-queue before the scanning in order to enter the custom). Well, food wise was so so.. Going to Europe and eat alot of chinese food was quite disappointing man.
But 1 thing for sure, met quite a number of nice people from our group and we actually managed to plan 1 gathering when back in Singapore.
This sat will be the 2nd meet up at my place. Cool , right!

Mr and Mrs Desmond Lee’s ROM @ Botanical Garden. the bride was so sexily dressed, short and low backed gown. SAUCY! haha
With their marriage, i hereby declared HSB are all MARRIED except for the junior.

My lovely niece born on 29 May. A very beautiful gal. Check her out on facebook.

HSB meet up @ Tan’s nest for another steamboat session, to celebrate the June Babies. Clairel gal is more exposed to us and can allow me to carry her for a while. I realise that she is a TV addicts, think she will cheong HK serial with her mama next time.

Princess Elizabeth had turned 1. The party was held @ Bukit Batok Civil Club. Consider a grand party for 1 year old leh. She looks super Princess esp with the lovely Tiara with compliment from me, iris yee yee.

Attended Mr and Mrs Roland Tay’s wedding on 5 July 2009. Bee lay looks really stunning for the night, of cos not to forget praising the handsome Groom. The ambience was good with the starry stars ceiling. The food also good, quite a number of variety. The only thing is the event too short. Haha. It is ok, we can still catch up outside, you 2 had a long day too. Also Glad to hear that my “mum” had got a job in school, taking care of escalation calls from parents. And Ruthie moving a step forward. Good Good!

Prince Lee had arrived on 7 July 2009. Same Birth date as Princess Ezliabeth. My Hubby was saying next time we will have 2 parties on the same day. haha. So i will suggest to the 2 Hot mama, celebrate together HUh and will get a present to Shared by the 2 kids. *kidding* lah.

Another piece of good news received last night, Fairy yuan Got her rock too! She is still happy honeymooning with her Hubby to be in thailand now.

A big Congrats to all who had shared your good news with us.. =)

Honeymooning time

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Nice weather, we are now in the airport. Waiting to board the plane for our honeymoon! Feeling really excited about touching on the europe ground but abit bored, thinking of the 12 hours flight we going to endure soon. Haha..

Okie, memories to be update again. Bye bye, time for fun! =)

Recapping Memoriable night 15 Mar 2009

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After months of preparation, everythings were worth it Cos my hubby and myself really had a good time. Everythings was still consider smoothly. Thanks to the experienced lovely Ah yees there to help me , thus, i didnt have to worry at all. Thumbs up for ah yees.

And of cos the brothers deserved some credits too , for participating on the games designed for them. Otherwise the Visual effect will not turn out to be good.

Recap on the Wedding day….
15 Mar 2009 4.20am ( my alarm clock went ringing )
My mum start to ” girl ah, wake up liao. i already start busy preparing tang yuan for later comb hair ceremony. Go wash up now”.
Jumping up of bed and drag my legs to the bathroom. Freshen up in my brand new pyjames. As the clock strike 5am, both sides have to light up the Candles and proceed with the ceremony. After then, Mum and myself will stay in the living room to “look after” the flame even though eye lids were still heavy.

Soon, Photographer and Videographer arrived. Followed by the Happening Ah yees. Filled them up with some breakfast to give them energy for the day. Then, my MUA arrives slight late but we still managed to make it on time with me still looking pretty. Haha. The plots and breakfast for the Brothers and Hubby was still in processing while i was busy being dolled up.

After 1 hour “Fight” between my devil lookalike angelic Ah yees and brothers, Hubby finally break through the crashing to fetch me from my mum’s place. Then moving to Punggol, our love nest followed by Hubby’s mum home for tea ceremony.The day end at my mum place with the Buffets. The schedule was quite tight and luckily, we managed to get help from 1 of the brothers to send us to Hotel.

By the time we reach there, the MUA already arrived and no chance to rest. Looking at the cosy bridal suite with the giant Jarcuzzi, we just have to put that aside 1st, no time to enjoy those YET. MIL, Mum and sisters took turn to be makeup by the MUAs engaged. Finally me! The moment i went down to the Foyer. Already see alot of guests arrived and everyone start to congrats me and from that moment, my smile had never rest. Was feeling really happy and everyone was not stingy with their praises. Haha

A Long night and we managed to keep ourselves sober. Thanks Gals, HSB and DL team for “Shou Xia Liu Qing”. The whole banquet lasted till quite late, so everyone including our family, ah yees, brothers are tired. They can finally have a good rest.

a BIG THANKS to everyone of you, for making time to share this wonderful night with us. Really touched and glad to see you here.

Sha, Will post some photos for your viewing soon.. =)

From less than a month to now a week to Big Day

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Next week is the showtime. Excited, excited, very excited.

Had been a busy month – Photo Montage Ups, scheduled confirmed, Guo Dali completed, VG and PG informed, Photo Albums collected, Nails appt fixed, Ah yees’ Plots finalised, Leave planned, Honeymoon confirmed. So now i am getting ready to be the happy bride. Hope for a smooth day.

Last weekends to finish all “leftover”. =)

Will be a good girl to continue my Fish Soup for lunchy but then, need to feast on 13 Mar as it is my daddy’s bday. Buffet @ vienna, kinda of sinful as they do not serve Fish soup (mixture of happiness as can let out for awhile but guilty at the same time). Maybe i just pinch abit here and there bah.. heehee..

Today went to Bridal Shop, glad that they do not need to loosen the Gowns.. So the soup pay off! ENDURE , endure for a week more of Soup then i can have Chicken rice, yummy kuay chap and Fries, fries and french fries. It made me sound like i will immediately put back like 5kg after my wedding.. hahaha

Counting down…… 7,6,5,4,3…….

Less than a month to Big Day

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Couple of weeks over since last post.
Invitation cards were mailed out and left a few to be hand deliver.
Songs for march in and Montage were selected..
Now working on the schedules for the day so that the ah yees and Brothers know what are their “special mission” for the day.

Counting down less than a month to our Big day.. The Excitement is there as well as the stress lah.. OMG~

Tonight will be celebrating Hen’s nite with my Gal Friends. No idea how it will be like – To be updated again.

FACIAL FACIAL FACIAL – everyone was like reminding me cos i had some outbreaks caused by the stress. Everyone was like “Oh gosh, what happen to your face”, so sad right! haha But it is Okie, hope the Make up will Hide all the flaws on our wedding.. heehee

Okie OKie.. Got to rest for awhile before getting ready to get drunk.. =)

CNY coming to the end

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Very fast, CNY will ends in another few more days! And now start to count down for my big day in March!

Busy Busy.. Looking for songs, sending invites to friends to attend our wedding and making arrangement with hotel and etc etc.. While we are in our busy schedule, my hubby was assigned for outstation to Myanmar this Sunday.. Oh my gosh.. So our schedules were have to SLOW down abit bit lah.

Today met up with hubby’s Current and Ex-colleagues for dinner @ chomp chomp.. I had Broke the “Diet Rules”, Fried Oyster, Carrot cake, stingray, BBQ wings and satays! How many calories have i gain this evening. Our friend, Bryan is going to Perth for his training and his Darling Wife to be will be missing him for the 1 and a half year.
Lee Shen, call us up if you need kakis for shopping but try to call me in advance hor.. =) All the best, Bryan!

Weekend is here! Our schedules for this sat is to go to temple to Pray , Accompany Hubby’s parents to shop for my Gold braclet (heehee). and maybe a mini valentines Dinner with hubby since he is not ard for Valentines. =)

Sunday, got to mail out invitation cards. Confirmed Songs for the montage. send hubby to airport.

Coming week, will have to go buy all the stuffs for the Guo Dali Ceremony! Busy…………..but HAPPY.. haha

Time to Koon! Nighty!